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Tips for a successful 3D photo

This effect shows the depth in the picture like in a 3D cinema film. This is an illussion of our eyes caused by a special printing technique on a specific material.

1. Try not to follow the camera with your eyes. Keep looking straight ahead.

2. Move your hand slowly.

3. Do not follow your hand with your head or your body.

4. Do it as many times as you can. Even more than 10 times. We will keep the best take to create the best result

5. Notice that you must send us the video selfie you recorded, for instance the 2nd picture of the example.

Tips for a successful ANIMATED photo

This effect shows an animation as you move the printed picture from left to right or up and down. With the help of technology and our new software we can capture up to 16 or 24 frames in one photo. Like in 3D photos we make a special printing technique on a specific material.

1. Hold the camera steady and record a small animation.

2. The animations must be a small duration video loop (1 sec) like giving kiss or sending kiss, hitting a ball, blowing candles, dance etc.

Tips for a successful FLIP IMAGES photo

Our new software combines photos in such a way that we can print 2 pictures in a single photo. A specific material is used to show this effect. You see a different image from a different angle.

1. Send us only High Quality photos. The best you have

2. Both pictures must be Horizontals or Verticals.

3. The pictures should not have opposite colors. Avoid one white picture and one black picture.

How to use a selfie-stick and stabilizer

Do you love taking selfies and videos with a selfiestick or Stabilizer?
We will give you some tips for a good result.






1. For a 3D effect we recommend the use of a stabilizer. You will get almost the perfect result.

2. You can use either of these 2 as long as you hold them steady and don't shake your hand.

3. You can also use a tripod for a perfect animated photo.

Tips for 3D photos with drones

If you a are a Drone "pilot" the only thing you must now is that you must record without rotating the camera. Keep the camera steady and scan the people, the building, the object you want us to print in 3D. Watch the example below, take your best video and upload it to us.

Watch our explainer video

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